BJCE Consulting 

Professional Business Solutions

Benfits to your business

  • Assess all areas of your business. Strategic risk analysis, financial & technology
  • Analysis to suite your needs and desired outcomes
  • Solutions & implementation tailored to your desired outcomes
  • Full work-flow analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • Industry HR resolutions
  • Client Retention Analysis
  • Procedural Analysis

Why contract BJCE Consulting?

Ben Holder has over 20 years experience in business and operational management in the Veterinary Industry.
Ben Holder works on the front line with multi site businesses down to the one man business. Understanding your business and getting leverage from your data can be the difference between break even or profit. Often owners struggle with simple implementation of systems or procedures to help streamline your workflow. We can audit your systems, health care manager, communication technology, information portals, social media, reminder systems and work with you to better understand and establish solid operational systems along with tangible and managed outcomes.